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A Ray gliding through the water is one of the first things you'll spot upon your entrance into the Aquarium. Yet another photo captures a ray in semi flight.
As part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the NY Aquarium is the only one of its kind in New York City. Located at the Lowest Tip of Brooklyn within Coney Island, the Aquarium is host to over 8,000 animals. From the Aquatheater, pools, tanks and Sea Cliffs, this Aquarium will seem to have it all. The interesting thing is that they say a fish tank in your home brings you peace and it acts as a source of meditation. Well, when considering the NY Aquarium, take that thought and multiply it by 100 and you'll get a sense as to what it feels like to be in the midst of all these large sea creatures. In the photos above are Rays gliding through the water. They're very magical in appearance and you can very much imagine them soaring through the air like birds.

This California Sea Otter has had enough wading through the waters and decides to climb up on the rocks. Here is that same Otter basking in the sun.
It's not only fun for kids but fun for the entire family. Here on the Sea Cliffs is the California Sea Otter. 'and boy does he/she love to wade in the water!
Sea Otters are in existence in abundant numbers along the California coast. What do they feed on? They feed mainly on mollusks and sea urchins.
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