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Photo of a local market within NYC. NYC Central Park in Autumn.
Towards the latter part of September and into October you can see the pumpkins and other Autumnal items being stocked up at local florists within NYC. Heck, some corners have the Fall look of out of the city spots. A view of the Great Lawn from the outlook at Belvedere Castle within Central Park, NYC. Photo here has Turtle Pond closest to the bottom edge. At the top is the northern part of Manhattan Island.

The Great Lawn Photo as taken from Belvedere Castle Outlook. Midtown Manhattan Photograph.
Another view of the Great Lawn within Central Park. The water seen there is Turtle Pond. The buildings in the distance are those populating the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Photo taken here is of midtown Manhattan taken from the western outskirt of the Lake of Central Park. Just because Summer is over doesn't mean we're without our dose of hazy days. Some years they last well into Winter. Other years, they disappear quickly and the wonderful 'sharp aired' of Autumn are well felt. Such days and weeks are well welcomed here in NYC!
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