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Ths beautiful duck is just peddling along on the Pond at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Yet more pretty birds floating on the pond in Brooklyn.
Photos above show off just a few of the many waterfowl (ducks & more) which love to wade along the water at the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden. Fallen leaves are evident on the water's surface and captivates the attention of all as these birds quack on. You might find yourself mesmerized by these beautiful creatures during a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden regardless of the season. As a side note, did you know that one of the things which makes ducks different from other waterfowl such as geese and swans is their shorter necks and legs as well as other anatomical items. This pair as seen in the photo above on the right may very well be in the process of a courtship considering how much time they spent swimming alongside each other. Also note that a nest contains from 4 to 12 eggs. It'd be hard to not imagine that there are ducks' nests throughout the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Grounds.

This tree was one of many with its golden turned leaves and such within the grounds of Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This photo was taken from within the pavillion which overlooks the Japanese Hill and Pond.
Just at the water's edge of the Japanese Hill & Pond Garden is this colorfully golden tree. Simply one of the many you'll find at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Here we are getting a glimpse beyond from within the viewing pavillion found here. Many people come here and it seems as if they can't find the effort to leave. That's how tranquil this location is! Very peaceful and calming.
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