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So many beautiful and colorful flowers at the garden. Flowers which come in vibrant colors of almost every imaginable shade and tint.
With over 12,000 kinds of plants from around the world on this 52 acre living museum you've got plenty of beautiful flowers to catch sight of. This is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Shaped as a sort of triangle, it's located between Eastern Parkway, Flatbush Avenue and Washington Avenue. The grounds of the BBG (Brooklyn Botanic Garden) is quite the splendid visual treat in any season. During the Summer Days it'll captivate you with it's charm, swoon you with its beauty and varied colors during Autumn, soothe you with the white of its snow covered scapes in the Winter and entice you with its blooming cherry trees in Spring.

Huge lily pads the size of kitchen tables. More beauty in the form of flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Within their conservatories are some real marvels. Photographed above to the left are some pretty huge lily pads. On the right are just some of the many floral arrangements found within. Colorful and striking. Mind you, the photos taken on this page and others depict life in the garden during the early days of Autumn. Also note that New Yorkled's been to many of the parks and gardens of New York City but of them all, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is by the far the most aesthetically pleasing. It's a must for any day trip excursion within the boundaries of our city that's known as the Big Apple!
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