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Photo of the Bryant Park Lawn just behind the NY Public Library The famous Bryant Park Grill.
The lawn at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan is a big thing during most midday lunch-time hours in New York City. Usually, you'll see hundreds of people along the sides on the benches and within. Located between 40th - 42nd Streets at 6th Avenue behind our infamous NY Public Library this park is quite a special one. The acoustics are interesting, or should one say the lack of acoustics? Walk into this park in the middle of this great and truly busy city with all the noise of traffic and it all seems to just slip away and disappear.
Photo on the left is of the Bryant Park Grill.

Trees line the edges of the Park as folks sit here and there within. Just one photo out of many of NYC's great beauty as shown through its parks.
Photo taken just behind the Library. This Park's got its share of history just as most other parks do. Bryant Park was named after William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878), a Lawyer, Poet and later in life, one of the nation's leading advocates for the abolition of slavery. At the end of Spring flowers and other plant life is groomed and well taken care of. It was on this land that New York City's first World's Fair in 1853 at the Crystal Palace took place. So, if you're traveling through the city, then why not make this one of your many resting stops?
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