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Photo of a crew mate awaiting our boarding. Picture taken on board the Circle Line Cruise Boat
Pictured here is a photo of a crew mate on board the Circle Line Ferry boat named the Miss New York. This twilight cruise is one of three which take place during the day. Great levels of anticipation set in as we anxiously wait our boarding and eventual departure into New York Harbor! Pictured here is one of the decks of the cruise boat. The trip we'll go on lasts over an hour and costs a mere $10.00 or less. You'll find the tickets within Castle Clinton earlier in the day, or you could purchase them on board. Yours truly has been on this trip many times and considering our location on the waters, there's never a shortage of strong winds.
(it is unclear as of this writing, Nov. 2003 whether these trips are available from lower Manhattan or Midtown)

Photo of the side. Photo of two boats in NYC Harbor.
Lady Liberty's image can be seen on the sides of the boat. Here's a photo of a tugboat and a sailing boat passing each other in New York Harbor. It seems as if they're going to crash but that's far from the truth. Our Harbor is a treat any time of the day, but there's nothing like it during Sunset.
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