Dave Frieder, Photographer, Athlete and climber of many of NYC's Bridges.
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Dave has been in the following publications: The New York Times, the New Jersey Bergen Record, the Dallas Morning News, Engineering News Record Magazine, Roads and Bridges Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine, Leica-View Magazine, Jobo Fototechnic quarterly magazine, Hasselblad "forum" Magazine. Also, was published in phototechniqes magazine.

Have been on jersey's talking with lee leonard, two times, have been on "the learning channel" two times, have been on new york's M.S.G. metro-guide "New York Now." Have been on New Jersey's cablevision program "No Limits" have been on WNBC's "Today in New York". Was interviewed by Morry Alter of WCBS TV on top of the Brooklyn Bridge for CBS Evening News.

Have seven photographs in the exhibit "six bridges." This exhibit features 73 photographs of the six bridges built by the world renowned swiss engineer Othmar Ammann. This exhibit began at the Painewebber Art Gallery in New York in 1996 and has traveled across the country.
This exhibition was supported by S.I.T.E.S. [Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service]

Work published in two recent books "the creation of bridges" and "six bridges, the legacy of Othmar Ammann"

Dave himself has appeared on the cover of Life Magazine.

I have studied under John Sexton, Personal Assistant to Ansel Adams and Jeff Nixon, workshop assistant to Ansel Adams and Morley Baer, a well known photographer who has extensively photographed the Big Sur Coast of California. I am a member of A.S.M.P ( American Society of Media Photographers)

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