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Photo taken at from Washington Heights in Manhattan. A photo of the GWB far off up the Hudson River.
Photo here taken near the Washington Heights entrance to the bridge. It's quite a trek from this point to get onto the bridge. First you head down hill then all the way up and of course, once you're on the bridge you either complete the trip by crossing it heading back from whence you came. Not for everyone, but we've done it dozens of times. A photo taken from Riverbank State Park at 145th Street. You can access the base of the George Washington Bridge by walking along Riverside Park (pictured to the right) then onto Fort Washington Park and on to the base. But watch out! Getting out may not be so easy.

View of the GWB from within Riverside Park. A photo taken from within Fort Washington Park.
Named of course after America's President, George Washington, this bridge is only one of many locales, monuments, landmarks and more named after the man. The Bridge itself spans across the Hudson River to connect upper Manhattan with the State of New Jersey. Walking across is really an experience comparable to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Too bad this bridge is located so far out of the way.
In the photo on the left you can see one of a number of picnic benches found along the way. You could always picnic or laze along the water's edge or anywhere else within this stretch of green. Regardless, bring your camera since even on a hazy day you'll get some pretty nice panoramic views. Although we've noticed during a more recent visit in 2005 that there are signs actually on the Bridge itself which clearly state that photography is not allowed. So should you be crossing this bridge then take special note of this warning.
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