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Photo of statues which adorn one side of Grand Central Terminal. Working clock and statues above Grand Central Terminal.
Located between 42nd and 45th streets and between Lexington and Vanderbilt Avenues is New York City's great train station: Grand Central Terminal. Actually the other major rail terminal in the city would be Pennsylvania Station on the west side of town. Grand Central opened in 1913 after a decade of construction. A Beauty in midtown Manhattan it's used by commuters into and out of the city as well as through it. Local trains passing through this transportation hub reach out to the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens and as well are the other trains which reach locations outside the city such as upstate New York, Long Island and the State of Connecticut.
Photos above are of the statues of Hercules, Mercury (40 feet high) and Minerva standing beside the working clock high above the ground on the 42nd Street side of the terminal.

Chandeliers at Grand Central Closeup photo of one of the hanging chandeliers within the terminal.
Within the main concourse of Grand Central is the 128 foot high vaulted ceiling with gorgeous chandeliers hanging here and there. Grand Central Terminal during the recession of the 80s and beyond was quite an eyesore despite its great size and all. Beggars, homeless and others used to hang lay about the floor and commandeer the telephone booths past the beginning hour of the evening. After years of renovation, Grand Central Terminal became the splendor of NYC. Spectacular with it's marbled walls, chandeliers and spit polished look. Should you be in the area then it's a must to enter within just for the sake of snapping a photo or two and perhaps even enjoying a meal in the dining concourse below.
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