Belvedere Castle HDR - High Dynamic Range Photos
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These photos were taken at, around and from within Belvedere Castle located
within Central Park, NYC. Look below each image for descriptive text.

The wooden pavillion of Belvedere Castle is seen in this HDR Image.

Within the castle itself one is able to climb up two levels via an extremely narrow winding staircase. This merely one of the many photos taken from this wonderful spot. You can see for quite a distance in virtually all directions. This structure is the wooden pavillion also known by some as the lookout since you get a grand view of the Great Lawn as well as Turtle Pond down below. This image as well as all the others on this page were arrived at by shooting 3 consecutive hand held photos on the Nikon DSLR D80 Camera using bracketing for the sake of varying exposures. As you can see it's worked out well.

This HDR photo was taken from the highest point of Belvedere Castle within Central Park.

This photo was taken from the highest level. Of course you can see the previously mentioned pavillion again but you can also see part of the second level right there. Again 3 shots were taken for this image followed by heavy use of HDR and loads of postprocessing.

High Dynamic Range image of the stone wall outside the castle found within Central Park.

'Decided to snap this shot of the stone facade outside of the castle to see what it would look like. To the left there is the Great Lawn of Central Park. Three photos were shot to accomplish this with a miniscule amount of tone mapping followed by very little processing thereafter.

Here is yet another angle to take a stab at. Up above is one of the towers of the castle. 3 photos once again were used for this with very little tone mapping.




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