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These photos were taken at, around Central Park which can be found centrally from 59th to 110th Streets and from 5th Avenue to Central Park West in Manhattan.

Here is an HDR image of the Marionette Theatre found within Central Park, NYC.

This HDR photo features the Marionette Theatre found not far from the Shakespeare Garden and the Delacorte Theatre within Central Park.
Again, like many of the previous images, 3 consecutive photos were taken using bracketing for the sake of varying exposures. How much post-processing was involved? Hmmmm, lots and lots and lots. Some folks might say I'd gone overboard with this image whereas others might say it's lovely? Just as was mentioned on the HDR Main Page, it's all a matter of personal taste.

The Lake found within Central Park is the feature of this High Dynamic Range Image.

This HDR image was shot at a small and lonely entryway to 'The Lake' accessed from the drive which encircles the center of Central Park. I do recall it as being someplace around the 60s or 70s on the western side. Again 3 photos were taken for this with a bare minimum of tone mapping and even less post processing.

Another HDR Photo featuring yet another wonderful structure to be found within Central Park.

Not too many folks are fond of this image but it happens to be a fave of yours truly. Again, personal taste plays a major part.
One had to take, or rather I had to take dozens of photos to get the angle right and to wait for a point when the sun was shining just right. Let's not mention how you'd have to wait for a timeslot when no one is passing through this structure. You can find it also on the western side of the drive which goes around the center of the park.





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