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The following are old photographs taken in 2006 along the nature trail which leads one to the Saugerties Lighthouse located of course in Saugerties, NY.

Here is the last part of the trail which takes you roughly 10-15 minutes to finish. Aside from reaching the lighthouse by water this is the only other way we know of to get there. Mind you, it's not exactly for everyone since there are usually washed up fallen trees and branches which can be found along the way. This HDR image was arrived at by lots of post processing following not too much tone mapping at all. Actually, it was all based on an old PSD file which I played around with to the nth degree. Most folks find this particular HDR Image to be quite striking.

Here we are arriving at the lighthouse finally. Sorry we can't post the largest version. But if you were to see it then you'd be able to truly appreciate all the details of the tiles on the roof, the chimney, the windows and the bricks on the outer facade. Just as in the last HDR image above this one, only 1 single photo was used as a starting point. Followed by plenty of fooling around in PhotoShop.

This photo is of what one can only guess was once a tree. A poor victim perhaps of a major storm which had washed up? The original photo was of very poor quality considering the foul weather on this day. Thus, alot of work had to be done in PhotoShop to make it the slightest bit interesting. Actually, all that work followed quite a bit of tone mapping to the point of overdoing it. Most people would agree that perhaps I'd gone overboard with it all. But I've still a bit of the soft spot for this one.




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