7 Lakes Drive - Harriman State Park in Autumn Photos, 2006
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I was so happily surprised when I'd discovered all the changing colors at Harriman State Park. Located in Rockland and Orange Counties besides Bear Mountain is this gorgeous stretch of parkland that's made up of 44,000 acres of peace, serenity and beauty.

A friend ventures out onto a rock at the edge of one of many lakes to be found there.

The two photos above were taken at Lake Kanawauke which is only one of many. It's from here that folks can launch their boats (of course only with the proper permit that is). Yours truly is anxiously awaiting for the colors to become even more vibrant and fiery.

Photo above was taken at Silvermine Lake.

For the many of you folks who've heard me go on and on about the serenity and beauty of Bear Mountain here's more! Yup, Harriman State Park which is an expansive stretch of parkland is quite the treat. Whether for a hike, a picnic or simply a restful afternoon you can drive through it via 7 Lakes Drive for a wonderful escape.

We'd gone there in the Summer and were so very pleased during a more recent trip to see the beginning foliage. We can only imagine that these colors will continue to get better and more wonderful. So if you're in the mood for an rendezvous with beauty and a treat to peace then this might be it! Enjoy!

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