Spring Blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden in NYC, 2005

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This Gorgeous tree manages to stop everyone in their tracks as they all struggle to pass by.

Close up photo of this tree's while and pink blooms is quite the contrast against the rich blue skies above.

Extreme closeup of this gathering of flowering buds as they hang off this branch belonging to one of many cherry blossoms.

Another close up of more blossoms.

The long line and stretch of cherry blossoms along this path makes it almost surreally beautiful.

As one can see through the photos above on this page, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is simply brimming with beauty on this warm Spring day at the end of April in 2005. As we near closer to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) in this living museum located in Brooklyn, virtually all the trees are alive in an explosion of earthly colors. The photos on this page were taken within the Cherry Esplanade as well along Cherry Walk where you could see the following species of trees: 'Kanzan', 'Horinji', 'Shogetsu', 'Kuramayama' amongst others.
It's a truly splendid time to be outdoors. Much as it is during the cool days of Autumn when the turning foliage erupts in seas and oceans of colorful hues. Something everyone should surely experience and see not once, not twice but thrice and many more!
So if you're in the area or if you're not and would really like to experience Spring in all its glory then definitely head on down to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Not just during Spring, but as well during any season at all!

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