Bear Mountain Days of Autumn Photos, 2004
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Perhaps the best photo taken on this mid Autumn Day captures the powerful sun as t sheds its last rays of the day.

Photo here was taken at the base of the mountain near a hiking trail long route 9W.

A rather peaceful shot of a group huddling near this unique looking tree high atop Bear Mountain!

The folks shown in this photo made up only a small fraction of the many that were there to enjoy Bear Mountain in all its Autumnal Splendor!

Here's a photo taken of some simply brush which was brimming with the wonderful colors of Autumn's turning foliage.

Bear Mountain, located in upstate New York was quite the treat on this particular Autumn, 2004 day. From the peak near the tower at the highest end of Perkins Memorial Drive there were so many of us folks taking in the grand beauty of this Fall day. With brisk winds and gorgeous skies it was all so heavenly! Of course as you can see from the photos above the turning foliage wasn't even at its peak yet, but that minor fact didn't change the effect this location had on us all. Yours truly can't imagine any other mountain top being so filled with people wandering about and snapping photos as was this spot high above the ground.
SO, if you've the time before the season ends and have the means to get to Bear Mountain then I can only suggest that you do so in a hurry before it all passes. But then again, who said Bear Mountain is only wonderful in Autumn? It's actually quite stunning all year round! So head on out and you'll be really thrilled at what you'll find here!

....and don't forget your cameras for some really great photography opportunities.

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