Bear Mountain in the Summer Photos, 2005
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This panoramic photo features the highlands surrounding Bear Mountain.

Photo above is a compilation of separately shot photos which were stitched together using special software.
Photo of course was taken from the top of Bear Mountain. Click on it for a much larger version.

This particular day was gloriously perfect with nice winds and wonderful skies.

Here's a path leading one deeper down within lower elevations where you can find plenty of trails.

From the top of Bear Mountain you can feel as if you can see forever.

This very curious rock or perhaps boulder is always there when we return. It's near the edge and is quite interesting.

These folks are just lazing about and enjoying this fine day.
Seems like we just can't resist returning to Bear Mountain over and over again. This particular day was truly spectacular in as far as the weather was concerned. That is, considering it being July when the temperatures can get awfully hot and the air pretty thick with humidity. The photos above were taken near the sunset hour and we were surprised to find so few people there. Hmmmm, just the way we like it! More space for us to roam and explore.
The photo at the top of this page is a panoramic view which was actually several separate pics pieced together using a special stitching program. Click on it for a larger version.
Also note that there are trails descending down below the top of this locale. Yours truly hasn't had the chance yet due to recovery from a bad hip. 'but be assured that sometime in the future we'll definitely be heading down yonder to see what's going on down there. We're definitely looking forward to this.


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