Bear Mountain Days of Late Winter & Early Spring Photos, 2005
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This photo captures the dune-like scapes of the mountain just right at this hour which is near the sunset hour.

Here we are at the very edge of a cliff aiming our camera towards the nearby waters down below. It's obvious that Spring is on its way in and Winter is on its way out.

Here is my business Partner thinking taxes? Thinking problems? Leave up to the majic of this mountain to strip one of their worries and set them into a transe-like state.

Here is the tower which always seems to be closed every single time we get there.

Photo here was taken on our way beyond the top of the a scenic overlook.

Excellent vantage point to give this river a bit more perspective.
Amazing it is how upon reaching the top of Bear Mountain along Perkins Drive how truly captivated we were with our surroundings. Yes, it's been two weeks since the beginning of Spring this year, 2005 and yet there were barely hints of green anywhere. It resembled more as it'd been during the days of Winter. On second thought, it looked like a desert scape with the rolling dunes and hills which just seemed to go on forever and ever. Actually, I've never seen this part of upstate New York above in the mountains to be as peaceful and serene as this day of our trip was. You could see it in the eyes of everyone else who was there. 'and you could sense it in their movement and the auras which seemed to float around them. As if everyone up on the mountain was in a beautiful trance. A trance of serenity. A trance with the mountain itself.

Yours truly has run out of adverbs and neat adjectives to try and do this restful locale justice. Perhaps the only justice one can do it is to suggest to everyone they pay it a visit. Regardless of the weather, regardless of the season.

So, how 'bout it? Take a ride up there and if you just happen to get a little lost along the way then hey!
That's alright. Sometimes getting lost is only half the fun of trying to get there!

Think about it!!!! and Enjoy!
....and don't forget your cameras for some really great photos to be gotten.

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