Bear Mountain in NY 2004 Photos
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The Highlands surrounding Bear Mountain State Park.

Many folks venture out onto the cliffs atop Bear Mountain near the Perkins Memorial Tower.

A very interesting stone lies alone at one of the edges as the spanning highlands extends far beyond.

The Hudson River is captured in this photo taken from the lookout found along route 202.
On this page are photos taken at and around Bear Mountain and its park in New York just west of the Hudson River. It's a great location where one can find everything from camping, boating and picnic areas to locales within from which you can get awesome panoramic vistas of the surrounding lands.
The photos above were taken during the very early days of Summer 2004. Topmost photo is of one of the peaks whereas the following two are pics taken near the Perkins Memorial Tower which was closed at the times of these visits. From this high spot atop Bear Mountain one is afforded hugely spectacular views of all the surrounding highlands and more. The last photo on this page was taken at the scenic outlook along route 202, reached just before one arrives at Bear Mountain Bridge.


Stay tuned for many more photos to come of this wonderful New York Location.

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