The Wonderful Animals at the Bronx Zoo

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Have you ever been to the Bronx Zoo? Well, it's the largest metropolitan zoo in the nation and is one of five facilities of its kind within the NYC area operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society. With plenty of acres of land, maps and signs at your every turn and friendly zoo keepers and other operators you're bound to have a good time at this zoo. Great for the kid in all of us it's quite a treat.
One thing to seriously consider is visiting the Bronx Zoo on a Wednesday. 'cause guess what? It's free this day. They do request a donation of your choosing. 'but if you don't have the money then don't fret. You won't be turned away.

In the photos above you'll see some of my favorites. There are those loveable polar bears. The one in the photos above was taking a wonderful nap this particular day. In the other photos you'll see 'Nyala' as they're so named. These gorgeous creatures are really something else. Of all the animals at the zoo, they appear to be the friendliest and the most curious. Just stand by the sidelines and you'll easily catch their attention. Yours truly has lost many staring contests with these beauts. Think you've got what it takes to stare one out? Well, why not find out?

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