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Glorious skies and spectacular clouds move in as we glance lengthward down the path of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The image above as well as the others on this page were taken with a Sigma 10-20 mm wide angle lens. As you can see it was quite the glorious day for picture taking in Manhattan. I decided to take this photo and transform it into a pseudo HDR (High Dyanic Range) image.
In the distance there to the left one can spot the Manhattan Bridge and centered and to the right behind that tower is the Brooklyn Skyline.

Wide angle view of the arches of one of the Brooklyn Bridge towers.

It's so wonderful to try out new things with photography especially when coming upon a great subject such as the Brooklyn Bridge Towers and the cables which help support and hold this landmark together.

It's cables galore as we walk along the Brooklyn Bridge heading towards the Brooklyn Side of the East River.

For any as well as many the folks famliar with my work it's pretty evident that the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of my fave subjects. I've managed to capture it from virtually every vantage point. From next to the East River facing north, south, from the Brooklyn side of the river, from walking along and even driving through. Hmmmm, seems like all that's left is capturing this beauty from the air. Give me time for ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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