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Two Photos taken within NYC's Central Park on an extremely Hazy Day. Not at the Highest Resolution, but NYCPG and New Yorkled apologises since this is the best that can be done at the moment. Stay tuned for truly Hi Res photos which'll be available for sale later in the year.
In New York City, there are 365 days just as there are within any other part of the world. You just can't have a perfect day to take photos all the time. Yet, if you try, you'll find beauty all around this great city of ours. Whether it be a stormy winter day or a hot hazy day as when these pics were taken, you're bound to find something special!

The first photo taken can be found on the encircling path within Central Park on the Western Side. A bit above 72nd Street is this beautiful...errr, beautiful...okay, okay, so yours truly doesn't even know what it's called. But it's really gorgeous! Even in Autumn or in Winter. But especially in Summer when the green leaves adorn the sides and top to cast shadows you just won't find elsewhere. Go ahead! Walk within and beneath as someone else snaps your pic. You won't be sorry!

The second photo is taken just above the first photo. That is, North of it. About a 2 minute walk I'd say. Walk along and you'll find an open path which'll take you further within to the center of the circle, closer to the Lake. You'll be closer to the Central Park Lake at this point and will find flowers, reeds and more on the water's edge. This particular Pic took quite a bit of effort.

Actually, it's one of 30 taken. You'd have to position yourself on rocks in just the right way so's to get this pic. Actually, I'd say it's impossible to capture this pic in one shot unless you're lucky! Either that or hanging from a harness and well, my last harness broke! (heheh)

In the distance you'll see the buildings of mid-manhattan. Of course they didn't come in clear since this particular hazy day, was, well...Quite Hazy.

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