Circle Line Liberty Ferry Cruise into the Harbor

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Just one of many photos taken on the twilight cruise through New York Harbor.

Photo of the Statue of Liberty is featured here on this muggy day.

Oh that beautiful lady in the New York City Harbor. Standing majestic and strong high above the waters. She's really something else and it's greater still to stand aboard one of Circle Line's Ferries in awe from afar or near. 'and near is what you'll get if you choose to take one of their cruises! Near enough to take photos such as the one above. Mind you, this photo was taken on an awfully cloudy day. Thus you can just imagine the results you'll get on a crisp clear afternoon. Or how about early evening just before sunset? Well, guess what? Circle Line's got those sorts of cruises as well. The photo on top was taken in 2002 aboard Miss New York during the Twilight Cruise. Each trip seems to almost have it's own personality. 'and you're bound to enjoy every single one. At $10 per adult and less for seniors and kids, you can't go wrong.



To see some of the photos taken aboard the Twilight Cruise, click here.

Visit the official Circle Line Liberty Ferry website
for quite a load of information regarding tickets, directions and more:

Note: Many more photos are on their way...stay tuned!

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