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as borrowed from a NY Post article posted above the statue temporarily located at West 45th and West 46th Streets on Eighth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.
On September 17, 2001, Pittsburgh-based Matthews International Corporation donated to the City of New York a 6' x 6' statue of a firefighter in an emotional kneeling position along with two 4' x 8' bronze feature plaques in remembrance of the heroes who gave their lives while assisting in rescue operations following the unprecedented act of terrorism against the United States on September 11, 2001.

The statue, which was originally commissioned to Matthews by the Firefighters Association of Missouri in October 2000, was completed in August 2001. It was custom manufactured by Matthews' plant in Karma, Italy for shipment to Missouri. However, many coincidences surrounded the statue's arrival in New York City according to David J. DeCarlo, President of the Bronx Division of Matthews International.

"It was fate that the 2,700 lb statue arrived in the United States on September 9 at Kennedy Airport. The statue, which was originally intended to be shipped by ocean freight to the United States for a mid-October delivery to the Missouri Firefighters' Association, was air freighted to the United States at the direction of the Matthews' product manager to ensure the October delivery."

It turned out, the statue arrived two days prior to the tragic events of September 11 and was detained in customs during the closure of Kennedy airport. Based on these turn of events, Matthews immediately decided to donate the statue to New York City with their promise to the Missouri Firefighters Association that Matthews would make and supply them a duplicate firefighter statue.

Another coincidence occurred when, on the day the bronze statue was released, The New York Post published a full-page photo of a fireman - in the same pose the statue depicts- at "Ground Zero."

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