Fleet Week 2003 in NYC

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Here are just a few of the many Fleet Week photos taken on the last day of the free public tours. Unfortunately for all of us we were rained out. It poured and poured and poured. 'wasn't until the very last day that things brightened up somewhat, although there were still plenty of clouds in the sky.

In the pics above is the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum docked alongside the many visiting ships. The 20-by-30-foot vinyl ribbon adorning the end of the ship you see is simply one of the millions of 'shows of support' for our troops you'll find not just here in NYC but across America. It's a truly proud display and it's darned heartfelt! You troops, sailors and all the rest of you do us proud each and every day! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. NYC thanks you and so does the rest of America. God Bless you all!
Getting on with the photos is the second one featuring a few sailors I managed to catch off guard. I thanked them afterwards but regretted not shaking their hands, something I often do with our servicemen and servicewomen. They were a few of the many sharp looking guys and gals in uniform.

Third photo above was taken during a demonstration aboard one of their ships. I'm sorry for not being sure, but it was either the USS Philippine Sea or the USS Yorktown. Both were beauts and the tours given were much more than any of us expected. Very in-depth and the sailors who took care of us were not only very professional but really friendly as well.

Many thanks! 'and looking forward to Fleet Week 2004

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Other photos from this year's Fleet Week to be posted soon.

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