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This photo shows Richard LeFevre standing next to Eric Booker just moments before the contest begins.

This pic features Richard LeFevre standing next to Eric Booker
as they await the start of the contest.

Wow! What mouthfuls! Pictured is Sonya Thomas, Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi.

At times we'd have sworn that one of these folks would barf up a mouthful of chewed hotdog.

Fittingly standing side by side are Sonya Thomas, Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi.
Of course as many might already know, Takeru came in first
with Chestnut second and Sonya in third place. It really was an amazing race as Joey had managed
to outpace the Japanese Phenom only to be outrun in turn.
All and all it was a truly exciting sporting event for all involved
and for those many of us who witnessed it.

George Shea stands besides Takeru Kobayashi as they show exactly the size and amount of food which lays in the Japanese Phenom's stomach.

Kobayashi stands proudly displaying his trophy and belt after a sixth win.

Never shy for showing off skin, Takeru let's one and all know what a stomach filled with 53 3/4 hotdogs looks like.

Here we are at the main event as 20 of the world's top eaters gathered to see who would be the next Hot Dog Eating Champion in 2006. It was a whole lot of fun despite the searing temperatures and humidity. 'But then hey, Independence Day in NYC has almost always been an uncomfortable day weather-wise. Regardless, we all cheered for whom we hoped would win the grand trophy and belt. That is, we cheered for Joey Chestnut and at times simply chanted "USA, USA, USA". Alas that was not to be.

Although Mr. Chestnut managed to nicely outpace the Japanese champ during the middle part of the competition, in the end Takeru made his way back for a big sweep! We're looking forward to next year's contest when we're confident (read: hoping) that Joey or some other person of comparable masticating eating prowess will bring the championship back to our American shores.

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