Pelham Bay Park, Bronx NYC - Autumn 2004

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The welcoming Pelham Bay Park sign amidst the glorious turning foliage on this 2004 Autumn Morning.

Photo of one tree which truly caught this photographer's eye!

This photo features the woodlands within Pelham Bay Park, Bronx in Autumn.

One tree amongst the many others is shown in this photograph.

Photo of a lamp post at Pelham Bay Park and a tree beyond with colors resembling a fireworks display.

During these last days of October, 2004 Autumn seems to have come about in almost a haphazard sort of way.
What was expected to be a truly awesome turning of Foliage all over our area and the entire NorthEast was more like a patchy disappointing display. Okay, okay many folks might disagree with this view but New Yorkled's been on some pretty far reaching trips this season throughout New England and found such patchiness in states such as Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut although yours truly will be heading back to CT extremely soon as of this writing. Regardless, who can really really complain about Autumn's crisp days and occasional Indian Summers? With the fallen leaves adding to the colorful beauty overhead Autumn is always a joy!
Pelham Bay as shown through the photos on this page is a faved feature put forth every year by New Yorkled. Why? Well, it's the largest NYC park silly. Located at the top of the Bronx Pelham Bay's always been a beaut!

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