The Day After the 2004 January Snow Storm in NYC

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A snowman stands within the grand NYC Central Park.

Photo featuring Gapstow Bridge and the many water fowl.

cross country skiers within Central Park.

Photo here shows the Horses and Carriage along the outskirts of Central Park, NYC

Photo of passing traffic along 5th avenue on this Post Snow Day.

Let's see, this winter of 2003-2004 has had all us New Yorkers reeling from the cold.
With windchills dipping from -10 to -30 degrees, it's been quite brutal. This particular storm of January, 2004 was expected to be a real much so that even the public schools scheduled to close the night beforehand. But that wasn't to be. The day turned out actually warmer than most expected and the streets were cleaned up rather well.
On this page are photos which were taken at and around the Central Park area. As most of you repeat visitors would know, this park is a huge favorite of yours truly. From top to bottom: there's a snow man found near the south-west corner of the park; followed by photos taken near the south-east corner: Gapstow Bridge, two cross-country skiers, horses and carriage and passing traffic on 5th avenue.
Visit this page within NYCPG to see the many other previously taken photographs within the NYC Winter Season.

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