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Looking down the aisle from the apse at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.

The shots you see on this page were taken with a Nikon D80 using a Nikkor 24-120 mm lens. Within the cathedral itself the lighting can be pretty dim and so it's not easy at all to capture the features found within without the assistance of a tripod. Yet mind you, these were handheld photos.

This image features one interior side of the Cathedral and the American Flag which hangs overhead.  The stained glass within St. Patrick's is quite the sight.

Those of you familiar with the process would be able to tell that I applied the HDR technique in the post processing of these images here. I'm referring to the two above and below these very words.
'and yes, HDR stands for 'High Dynamic Range'. The photograph below on the left was taken from Madison Avenue and shows us the backside of the cathedral. To the right of that image is another of one of the entrances found along 51st Street between Madison and 5th Avenues.

Here is a view of the bac of the cathedral as seen from Madison Avenue.  This HDR image shows off one of the entrances found along 51st Street.

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