St. Patrick's Day Parade Photos Page 1, 2004

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Firefighters decked out in full uniform greeted me aboard the train enroute to the Parade. Firefighters decked out in full uniform greeted me aboard the train enroute to the Parade.
On my way down to the parade, I had the pleasure of stumbling upon these sharp looking FireFighters all decked out in full uniform. They'd been heading in the same direction. Thanks Fellas'

Another photo of the galloping horses which carried Police Officers along 5th Avenue.

Police Officers on horses led the parade as they were photographed in front of the Museum on the Upper East Side.

Army Soliders march along carrying these great flags of great symbolism.

On this cold, dark & snowy March 17th, NYC's 5th Avenue was bright and warm with all the hearts marching up the street in celebration of this year's St. Patrick's Day. This year's celebration was dedicated to the men and women of the Armed Forces. 'and boy, they were all there in full force! From Soldiers, Marines and Sailors to even Marshalls, Police Officers, Court Officers and many more...they were all there.

The crowds whooped and hollered as these marchers continued on through the icy air.

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