St. Patrick's Day Parade Photos Page 1, 2006

Look below for text, and sroll down for the photos with more to come!
+ + Below is one video taken at the parade...View the other FDNY Sea of Flags here.

FDNY and the Sea of Flags at the Parade VIDEO

Press play to view this video. Please note, that someone standing besides me was relentlessly screaming into my ear and into the video camera. 'thus, the bagpipes you hear were borrowed from another part of the parade and inserted here.
God Bless our Bravest!

Okay, yours truly is extremely exhausted after waking up extra early this morning and spending hours out in the cold for what's considered to be the largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in America and perhaps the world. So, we'll be working backwards from the photos taken since we'd finally caught sight of the FDNY (NY Fire Department) carrying all those flags. Yup, we'd missed it in years past due to the cold and the long standing in place...uhuh, shame on us! But I'm so proud and happy to have finally been there long enough to see them in person!

The topmost photograph shows how anxious in anticipation we were as were those around us in the crowd for their appearance. That is, those brave firefighters! At the head of their marching group was the banner bearing "343" to honour the number of firefighters lost in 911.

As you can see, these pics were taken at the same locale as in previous years. Across the street from the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I've always thought this to be such a perfect spot to catch sight of any parade on 5th Avenue.

So, I'm off now for a nap. Over the next day or so yet more and more photos and even a video that was taken will be posted here and there.

So until then,

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