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One Inquisitive Squirrel is standing on hinds to see where my chirping noise is coming from. Here's one suspect munching away on an acorn he's dug up.
In NYC you'll find these creatures in any single park you choose to visit. You'd never know or think them to be part of the Rodent family but they are. According to one encyclopedia, Squirrel is the common name for many rodents belonging to the same family as the woodchuck (see Marmot), chipmunk, and prairie dog.

It's not hard at all to catch them in midstep for some great photos. NYC's squirrels love the camera, or should I say, they love attention?
They're awfully friendly all you need to get their attention is to either making clicking noises with your tongue and teeth or making kissing, smacking noises with your lips. Pass by one or several during your trek through New York City's Parks and they'll perk their heads up looking around for the noise' source. Then they'll come prancing along to investigate. Although some parks will have signs advocating your not feeding them, yours truly has handed out pounds of peanuts which they'll happily take and either eat or bury in the ground.
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