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Sign welcoming all at the World Financial Center. Entrance to the World Financial Center.
September , 2002 the doors to the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center are once again open. With all of it's beauty, glass and yes, the palm trees are there as well. After being severely damaged on 911 this beauty was restored through the labor of over 500 workers, the replacement of 2,000 glass panes, 60,000 square feet of tricolor European marble and about $50,000?

A view of Ground Zero through the window where once an entrance stood. Walkway bridge leading one to the World Financial Center.
The spot which once was the entrance from one of the bridges crossing the West Side Highway onto where the Winter Garden exists. There now sits a large windowed wall looking out onto the WTC site. One of the walkways leading towards the World Financial Center. Along the way you've views of the west side highway, WTC site and other sights in the downtown NYC area.
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