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Trekking down the street through this fantastic Snow Storm. Say hello to this skier inside of Central Park.
The worst blizzard to hit the mid-Atlantic and central Appalachian states in seven years shut down much of the region on this Presidents Day, February 17, 2003. It's to be known as one of those 10 year storms, something which doesn't happen very often. It was the region's worst snowstorm since the blizzard of 1996. In the photo above to the left is a man journeying along south on 5th Avenue outside of Central Park. Photo on the right is of a friendly young woman who was kind enough to let me snap this photo. She was one of many who were cross country skiing through Central Park on this wildly wintry day.

One of the bridges within the park. Here we going fighting the wind not far behind this gentleman.
Both photos above were taken near and at the outer edge of the reservoir in Central Park. By this mass of water you could certainly feel the power of the storm as those 40+ mile per hour gusts nearly blew yours truly off his feet. Of course you had to be very careful which direction you headed in since the windswept snow reach heights of as much as 4 feet in some parts although the total accumulation expected at the time of this writing is to be about 1 1/2 to 2 feet.
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