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Also see photos from day following the 1st Dec. Storm - Day of 1st Dec. Storm

Photo taken from within a city bus traversing Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. The Pelham Bay stop for many city buses as the Snow continues to drop.
Here we are on Christmas Day in 2002 New York City experiencing our first real White Christmas in many years. It'd started off as wet snow on Christmas Eve, then on to rain then back to some serious Snow Fall during the afternoon of Xmas Day. And boy did it snow! Actually, this is our second major storm of the season. The timing itself is amazing since our last storm occured a week after Thanksgiving during many Christmas celebrations and tree lightings and well, this one took place on Christmas Day. The photos on these pages were taken at and within the streets and parkland of Pelham Parkway and Pelham Bay Park in the Borough of the Bronx, NYC.

Photos here of a number of city buses picking up passengers. Photo of one of the bridges crossing I-95 in the Bronx from Pelham Bay Park. Notice the footprints in the snow.
This nor'easter which began in the midwest of America and travelled up to the north east of the country is/was expected to dump as much as 2 feet in certain areas (quite possibly Albany, NY included) and 6-8 inches or more in New York City itself. Unfortunately, this unprecedented storm also took a number of lives. I wish many condolescences to the families of the victims.
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